A new efficient way of life

The Brand
In a country where 24*7 access to electricity is still a luxury, Atomberg believes that there is no place in the market for appliances that consume unnecessary electricity. But, at the same time, what is equally important is to bring in hitherto unheard levels of comfort to the lives of the consumer by coming up with intelligent, smart and connected appliances. Combining the attributes of energy efficiency and emerging trends like IOT, they came up with products which are the best in the world in each and every parameter
Problem Statement
The existing image of gorilla fan was not attracting enough customers’ attention. Also, they are unable to produce enough leads through their website.
Identified Objectives

Interesting blogs
sunSTRATEGIC also wrote blogs for Atomberg to drive traffic to their website

Social Media Campaigns
sunSTRATEGIC helped Atomberg come out with innovative campaigns which helped in improving engagement levels

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Engagement Level
sunSTRATEGIC has given Atomberg a social makeover and it is reflected in the increased no. of engagement with the fans. Our creative team comes up with the posts, day in day out, by a collaborative effort between the content writers and the designers. We also kept constant watch over the management of the online reputation. We did this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance on various social media platforms and tabulating the information to give Atomberg a professional statistical analysis.