Indian history and mythology

The Brand
Epic is a traditional Indian television channel that airs action, drama, comedy and narrative non-fiction and fictional programming with main focus on Indian history, folklore and mythology genre. It was launched by Epic Television Network Pvt. Ltd on 19 November 2014, it airs programmes in Hindi.
Problem Statement
Epic channel was not able to reach wider audience with existing brand image. They needed a new brand look which can connect with existing time population.Both the brands were planning on expansion. In this process of expansion, they needed right means to increase the awareness about their brand and their product portfolio.
Identified Objectives

New brand image
SunSTRATEGIC has researched and discovered a new brand image through which epic brand was get into attention of many more audience

Rebranding video
All the new features and all the new characteristics of the epic channel were captured in an innovative and creative way in a video. This video is made keeping in mind the brand traditional values and their new age audience.