Fight against Sexual Exploitation

The Brand
Guria, a non-profit organisation, has been fighting the sexual exploitation of women & girls specially forced prostitution & trafficking which has further become severe and complex due to sex tourism and spread of HIV/AIDS. While responding to their immediate suffering we are focusing on the root causes of prostitution poverty and inequality. We strongly believe that it is not charity that is wanting in the world-it is justice to make a humane world where all beings co-exist in harmony.
Problem Statement
Existing online presence of guria was extremely low. This way they would get really low support to fight against the exploitation suffered by the women. In turn this was effecting the funding of the NGO
Identified Objectives

Social media fronts
Online awareness was increased through effectively managing social media fronts like facebook and instagram. Also, measured the reach of this pages.

sunSTRATEGIC has designed a new website which is more appealing to the targeted audience. This new website was a organized structure. Also, it was made to be more user friendly compared to last website.

Blogs and Creatives
SunSTRATEGIC provided the brand with blogs with content which is impactful, relevant and also viral. To show the reality of the india, a range of influential creatives were used to highlight the greater cause

sunSTRATEGIC has given guria a social alteration and it is reflected in the augmented number of engagement with the fans. Also, with the followers partaking our content on other social platforms, it gives the company a wider viewership. Our creative team comes up with the posts, day in day out, by a combined endeavor between the content writers and the designers. We are also, keeping steady watch over the management of the online reputation. We do this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance on various social media platforms and tabulating the information to give guria a skilled arithmetical analysis.