Nurturing Every Mother's Needs

The Mom Store is just like the name suggests, the perfect e-commerce store for all mothers out there who seek to balance their motherhood and their baby’s needs. Mom Store’s sole mission is to be all about Mom. They have a deep legacy of over 40 years of trust and heritage through their parent company, Lal’s Group. They bring a range of trusted products for moms and their babies. Driven to give them the best experience and convenience.
Mom Store is an E-Store that brings a range of trusted products for mothers and their little ones – like clothing, baby essentials, safety gear and much more.
Although all the top brands for mothers & baby care were represented on the E-Store, its conversion rate had been steadily dwindling for some time. The E-Store, as the client realized, was just not grabbing the attention of mothers who dropped by the website.

Alarmed, the client carried out an audit of the E-Store and discovered that most of their product descriptions and features lacked the basic skill of persuasion and creativity. Most of the product descriptions were just one-liners and were devoid of information. Hence, we were left with the responsibility to immediately create some original and creative product descriptions for our client – Mom Store.

The client also happened to discover that their e-commerce website needed an upgrade as it did not hold any appeal for mothers who visited their E-Store. Which left us with the mission to revamp Mom Store’s online impression and look

Within a week we assembled a team of thirty content writers specializing in product description writing to work on this project.

Our next step was to train them and give them the picture of our client and what they expected from us and how could we come to our client’s aid.

Moving ahead, we did an extensive level of research work where our team went over every single product description on the client’s E-Store determining their originality or lack of it.

Following this, they divided the teams into two categories – one team would work on creating original product descriptions for each of the products and the second team would work on editing and proofreading them. As we aimed to give our client the most creative and best work of ours.

Once the task was done, we also made sure that all the product descriptions were meticulously keyword enriched.

Our next mission was to change the look of their website, our team of web & graphic designers sat down and worked on each aspect of the website that would help beautify its look and yet make sure that the website remains user-friendly.