A Solution which gets back your lost smile

The Brand
Menarini is the Leading Italian Pharmaceutical Company in world. It was founded in Naples, Italy in the year 1886. It is present in over 100 countries around the world. The Group has been present in Central America since the early ’80s and ranks among the top five companies in the market. For Menarini it is the quality of the drug that comes first, they have specific in-house control facilities to always keep its production and quality standards at the highest levels at all its sites worldwide.
Problem Statement
Papulex is a product under Menarini, an anti-acne solution that provides everyone the skin they deserve that is clear and free from blemishes. The invention has proven to keep its words as it is clinically proven to stop breakouts and pimples. But it lacked strong voice in digital world and there was no means to know consumer views regarding Papulex
Identified Objectives

sunSTRATEGIC exercised a two point approach towards creating a digital awareness and engaging users. It executed the overall strategy by dividing it into different parts. They are

Myth Busting

sunSTRATEGIC helped Menarini launch platform #Beauty&HealthMthys where viewers can clear doubts about their myths in regards to having a clear and free from blemishes skin. This helped the brand resonate more with viewers. Thus, helped Menarini in creating a stronger bond with its users

Expert advice

Users were provided with some of the expert advices related to skin problems

Natural Skin-Care Tips

Menarini users are provided with tips which help them maintain their natural beauty

Comic Strips

To attract more viewers, sunSTRATEGIC introduced various attention attracting comics


sunSTRATEGIC has created festival ecards in the name of Menarini and delivered it through different online platforms. This was further circulated by platforms users to different individuals. Through this awareness of brand papulex has increased and also it helped in bran recall.

Locations details

Location details of different stores which provide papulex was mentioned on different social media platforms


Introduced features which captured testimonials of different Papulex to increase the brand credibility

User Rating
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Engagement Level
sunSTRATEGIC has given Menarini a social makeover and it is reflected in the increased no. of engagement with the fans. Also, with the followers sharing our content on other social platforms, it gives the company a wider viewership. Our creative team comes up with the posts, day in day out, by a collaborative effort between the content writers and the designers. We are also, keeping constant watch over the management of the online reputation. We do this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance on various social media platforms and tabulating the information to give Menarini a professional statistical analysis.