Addressing unhealthy living problems

The Brand
Puro group believes in effortless changes that go a long way. With their food solutions they hope to see a future where 125 crore healthy Indians achieve a “Chronic Disease Free” life, with a small change in their diet. Puro brand was started by a 3rd generation entrepreneur Mr. Ruchir Modi who was previously the executive director at Torrent group.
Problem Statement
Puro group present website was not targeting the right audience. Also, existing website lacked relevant content and appealing creatives. This all lead to lower website ranking and lower website reach.
Identified Objectives

sunSTRATEGIC has designed a new website which is more appealing to the targeted audience. This new website was a organized structure. Also, it was made to be more user friendly compared to last website.


Attractive creatives which resonate with the brand image were shown on the website. This helped puro group get into vision of right audience


Interesting content was created for the website. Through this, engaging levels of the website improved. Also, brand awareness improved. Various blogs about the products were displayed in the website.

SunSTRATEGIC has given Puro group a social alteration and it is reflected in the augmented number of engagement with the fans. Also, with our viral content, it gives the company a wider viewership. Our creative team comes up with the posts, day in day out, by a combined endeavour between the content writers and the designers. We are also, keeping steady watch over the management of the online reputation. We do this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance and tabulating the information to give puro a skilled arithmetical analysis.